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I’m speaking at SPC14 and ESPC14!

It has been a quiet period on blogging, but I have been very active in presentations and conferences. Well… not as active as Joel, Michael and Paul, but still active J Catch me next at: The SharePoint Conference 2014 in Las Vega, yeah baby!!!! Session 1: Access is back! High-value, 'no cod... [More]

Blog brought back up from the ashes….

Hi readers! You might have noticed my blog down for a few months. Quite sad, I was constantly getting spam comments and eventually the whole SharePoint.BG platform crashed, bringing down a few blogs.   It took a while for me to find out, then eventually book time to revive it with the help ... [More]

The Fall of the Master

Today the entire MCM/MCA and MCSM community received the sad and utterly disappointing message that all Master & Architect programs will be retired on the 1st of October, 2013. This is a complete shock to all involved in the community and is by far one of the worst decisions Microsoft has ever ... [More]

SQL Alias - Creating and Testing the connection

Overview This article shows how to create client SQL alias and test the connection to the SQL server using out of the box tools.   What is SQL Alias According to an article in TechNet: "The alias encapsulates the required elements of a connection string, and exposes them with a name chosen... [More]