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[SUGBG] FAST Search - 15ти Септември

На 15 септември (сряда) от 18 ч в офиса на Майкрософт България ще се проведе среща на Sharepoint User Group Bulgaria на тема:
FAST Search for SharePoint and digital marketing platform business value and technical discussion
Наши гости ще бъдат Roland Renner и Christoph Möhrlein, от екипа на FAST. Те ще представят пред вас следните презентации:
Business Session (80 min) - Roland Renner
Start Time: 18.00
  • Introduction – 2 min
  • Microsoft Enterprise Search and digital marketing platform vision
  • Business productivity
  • Enterprise Search challenges
  • Value Proposition
  • Business trends
  • Customer example: Single View on Customer
  • Internet business
  • Enterprise challenges
  • Value Proposition
  • Net new value and incremental value
  • Customer example: Extranet
Technical session (80 min) - Christoph Möhrlein
Start time: 19.30
  • Introduction – 2 min
  • Microsoft Enterprise Search solution overview
  • FAST Search for SharePoint vs. FAST Search for internal application / FAST Search for internet sites
  • Architectural overview
  • Functional highlights
  • Content Integration Service and Interaction Management Service
  • Choosing the right Enterprise Search Platform
  • Differentiation between Microsoft Enterprise Search offering
  • Technical value of FAST Search for SharePoint                                                  
  • Q&A
End time: 21.00

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