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About me

My name is Radi Atanassov, I love development and software architecture.

I grew my professional career in Microsoft SharePoint in Australia, specialising in ASP.NET and everything else that SharePoint depends on. I’m now an all-round SharePoint/Office 365 guy dealing with both infrastructure and development, a Microsoft MVP for six consecutive years, I have the Microsoft Certified Master and Microsoft Certified Solution Master certificates, and I am a Certified Scrum Master.

I do quite a lot of public speaking and training, my presentations are focused around technology and business performance. I speak about SharePoint, Office 365, Azure, ASP.NET (Core), TypeScript, DevOps, Identity and Authentication, Apps, team leadership, time management, efficiency and recently – negotiation.

I’ve worked in sales, finance, sound engineering (yes I record bands), I’ve been a (failed) musician for several years. SharePoint worked out better for me. I like fast keyboards (not cars), craft beer (not wine), playing bass and guitar, the underground scene, and generally being efficient.

In 2011, I founded OneBit Software, a software development company created to become the best SharePoint services/delivery company in the world 🙂 (we have far more to go, but we’re getting there!). Over the years we have had a fantastic client base from all over the world, and we adopted much more and more of BPOS, Office 365 and the Microsoft Azure PaaS stack. We service large enterprises and our skills are in the organization/enterprise sector, we don’t really do consumer sales or software. We hired some of the best guys in the field and formed our Cloud and Infrastructure team, dealing with migrations, cloud on-boarding, architecture and everything related to the cloud. (,

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