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Simple Angularjs IndexedDB Service (factory)

This is example of simple angularjs indexedDB service (factory) for use in offline apps development. I simply did not find any suitable factory for indexedDB and decided to create a simple service to do the job.
Here is the service is on github -  and will be updated from time to time with new methods.


First in the Service init method define your object stores and then access them with the dbService methods like on the example bellow.

dbService.getByIndex('games', 'owner_idx', $
    function (games) {
                //array of game objects returned
    function (error) {
Please note not all methods are properly tested and some bugs may appear so I will continue improving the code and update it accordingly here.
Also operators like "greater that" or "less than" are not present. I will include more methods with them in future if I get to there.