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Slides and Video from my #SPC14 sessions, what a ripper I’m on Channel 9!

So, as you could imagine, #SPC14 was INSANE!!! So much content, amazing sessions, awesome announcements lots of great fun, lots of lost money at the casinos. I am still recovering, trying to get my calendar in order and attending to the endless list of tasks and people to follow-up. I have collected over 100 business cards, many of which are potential business opportunities, and have given out at least 400.

I got really good feedback from my sessions, I am happy, but there is always room for improvement. I was visibly (and audibly) tense in my #AccessServices session (the first one), but the amount of humor and jokes made up for it. A lot of people came up to me and told me they enjoyed it very much and that it was pure comedy. It was engaging, but definitely the amount of people in that session was mind gobbling. Definitely the first time for me speaking in front of 650 people (968 confirmed to attend, many more came, many got rejected because of no room). Overall it was a good session, but I also got some suggestions for improvements. The feedback is always the most important so I will definitely take action.

My talk on Work Management Service was significantly straight forward. It received a really high score, but overall it was not as entertaining as Access. the content was quite flat but unique. No other session at #SPC12 or #SPC14 demonstrates Task Synchronization and the Work Management Service. Many people, including in the feedback, told me they didn’t even know it existed. It is very honorable to show something at #SPC14 that people don’t know about.

Here are my slides and video:

Access is back! High-value, ‘no code’, functional & flexible business apps with the new Access services



My Rating so far:

Evaluation Count 108
Question: Average Score:
The speaker’s presentation style helped me better understand the material. (5 excellent – 1 poor) 4.46
The speaker was knowledgeable about the subject matter. (5 = high to 1 = low) 4.72
The presentation was effective. (5 = high to 1 = low) 4.33
The demo(s) were effective. (5 excellent – 1 poor) 4.28
Overall satisfaction with this session. (5 = high to 1 = low) 4.39
Overall: 4.436

SharePoint 2013 Work Management Service Deep Dive



My rating so far:

Evaluation Count 27
Question: Average Score:
The speaker was knowledgeable about the session’s topic. (5 excellent – 1 poor) 4.87
The speaker’s presentation style helped me better understand the material. (5 excellent – 1 poor) 4.39
The presentation was effective source of learning. (5 excellent – 1 poor) 4.61
The demo(s) were effective. (5 excellent – 1 poor) 4.35
Overall satisfaction with this session. (5 excellent – 1 poor) 4.42
Overall: 4.528

(People are evaluating continuously, so numbers may change)

Overall, it was a great pleasure and a great experience. I sincerely hope I have shown someone something new.

Please feel free to contact me and ask me about these things, I would be glad to help. Oh, yes, and if I haven’t offended anyone with my jokes, please feel free to come to my next session!