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[SUGBG] SharePoint Apps, Part 1

На 21 Март (четвъртък) от 18:30 ч в офиса на Майкрософт България ще се проведе регулярна среща на SUGBG на следната тема:

SharePoint Apps, Part 1 – Overview, Authentication & Licensing
Speakers: Radi Atanassov + Stefan Ratchev

… Apps for Office and SharePoint – is it the next big thing? I’m not sure, but it’s definitely the way SharePoint is moving forward. SharePoint specialists should at least be aware of the "novelty", so in this session we will try to explain it all – why, how, what, etc. Radi will review and explain the different types of apps, their architecture, why and how they use OAuth and how to structure your app so that it uses both OAuth and Server-2-Server authentication. Stefan will then go into detail on how licensing for Apps work and what to consider when releasing an App for the marketplace.

This session will cover a lot of architecture concepts, an IT PRO demo on how to configure an environment for apps, an authentication deep dive demo on the things that happen in the background and a licensing demo to show how to include licensing logic in your apps and check what licenses your users have. We will also show how to use the Microsoft Seller Dashboard to launch apps.

Ще се радваме да дойдете 🙂