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I am a Microsoft Certified Master: SharePoint 2010

I have a big announcement to make. Since December 2010 I am officially a Microsoft Certified Master in SharePoint 2010. It took me more than a month of full-time pre-study, 3 weeks spent in Microsoft’s Main Campus in Redmond doing training, 45 days post-rotation study, many hours of hard work, very little sleep, a few white hairs, plenty of SharePoint nightmares, countless coffees and a hell of a lot of energy and enthusiasm. I prepared myself for the challenge, I gave it my absolute best, got A LOT out of it and made it to the end.

There’s lots to tell about the experience and the specifics of what a Master is, how one could help, and what responsibilities a Master has. I’ll be speaking in the near future about it at the local SharePoint User Group (in Sofia, Bulgaria), but I’ll also be sharing some experiences here in my blog.

A few links:

See you out there on the field!